Cover of The Case of the Scarlet Starlet
Cover of The Case of the Scarlet Starlet

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1940s Los Angeles.

Genevieve Rose walked out of her grave an d up onto the silver screen. The first ghoul movie star, the problem?

There are those in Hollywood who want to put her in her grave and keep her there.

Ellison Mix is a private detective specializing in the dead and near dead. The only one Genevieve can turn to.  Before her case is done, however, Mix finds himself knee deep in a city so full of sin and vice, even the Bible couldn’t print it. With time running out and the case getting hotter, Mix finds himself climbing over a stack of corpses to get at the one thing he always finds out:

the truth.

But in Hollywood, where the lights are bright, the girls are made up, and the stories are stranger than fiction, sometimes the truth isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.